Thursday, March 4, 2010

Laos to China

25,26,27 and 28 February 2010 / Luang Prabang rest days and sight seeing / 70 km / Total  3902km
Luan Prabang is a beautiful place but has a lot of tourist too. We did some shopping ( silk scarfs), went to see a beautiful waterfall (Khouang Si Waterfall) and finally I met a vey nice guy, which had that special tool to remove my cassette and to replace the broken spoke. We had some great food in Luang Prabang as well. But after 5 nights it was time to hit the road again.

Fixing de bicycle in the streets of Luang Prabang

Water fall near Luang Prapang

Monks 06:30 in the morning in Luang Prabang

01 March 2010 / Luang Prabang to small village 35km before Pakmong / 82 km / Total  3984km
We left Luang Prabang very late because in the first place it took us more than half an hour to pay our bill from the guesthouse, and later we went to the post office to send home a a package with the souvenirs from Luang Prabang. After some 35 km we had lunch near the river in a nice restaurant. We cycled the whole afternoon until it was dark (18:30) but still approx. 35km were left until Pakmong. We decided to ask in a village if we could stay for the night and after 2min we had organized a room and some dinner for the night.

Village we stayed for the night

Satellite Dishes also found their way into Laos....

Lao women

02 March 2010 / Small village to Pakmong and Nong Kiew / 66 km / Total  4050km
We had a very good sleep and after a coffee and some sticky rice with river weed for breakfast, we left our small village in direction of Pakmong. We arrived around 11:00 at Pakmong and stopped for a noodle soup. We decided to leave our bags here in guesthouse and cycle to a nearby village which was only 32km away. We spent the whole afternoon in Nong Kiew with eating and massage. Finally we had to take a pick-up to bring us back to Pakmong to our Guesthouse beacuse it was nightime again.

River Weed ( before it is washed and sundried)

Today we passed the 4000 km since we left Bangkok in November 2009

03 March 2010 / Pakmong to Oudomxay / 82 km / Total  4132km

Today was another long day. We left Pakmong at around 07:00 and had a 32 km climb. Once we reached the top it was approx. 10km downhill and then 15km uphill again. Then it was all downhill to Oudomxay but the road was in so bad condition, that we had to take extreme care with potholes, rocks and sand on the road. We made it finally at 18:00 to Oudomxay but in general the ride was very beautiful with lots of small villages and rivers along the road.
Altitude Profile from Pakmong to Oudomxay

04 and 5 March 2010 / Oudomxay / rest days / 0km / Total  4132kmWe had 2 rest days in Oudomxay. Monica felt some pain in her neck and we tried with Tiger Balm and a massage at the Red Cross from Oudomxay to relief some of her pain.  We also had some of the best food we so far had eaten in Laos at a small restaurant in Oudomxay thanks to the tip of an Australian Couple.

Sunset in Oudomxay

06 March 2010 / Oudomxay to Nam Or/ 51 km / Total 4183km
Today was another long ride to Nam Or. The first 32km were all uphill and the road was in very bad condition. 50% was gravel road and here it happened again. I felt off my bicycle in a sandy part and could not get off fast enough out of the clip pedals. In Nam Or we spent the night again only noodle soup for dinner.
 Again, I  fell off the bike on a dirt road.

You never walk alone in Laos

Ups.... not so good

Down hill and we need to walk....

07 March 2010 / Nam Or to Meng La (China) / 105 km / Total 4288km
Today we crossed the border into China. The road in Laos was again in very bad condition and sometimes we even had to walk (downhill) because the surface of the road was to rough ( sand and stones) to ride. At the Border we changed our last kip and passed the Laos and the Chinese immigration without any problems. Once in China the road changed completely. It was a super highway now. Very nice asphalt road and from the border to Mengla it was mostly downhill. Some 5km before we arrived in Meng La I had a flat tire again on the rear wheel. After the fix we made it into Meng La and checked into a Hotel in the city centre.

We are close to China

 At the border to China

 First flat in China,  rear tire again