Monday, November 2, 2009

Bangkok to Cambodia

31.October 2009 Bangkok to Phanom Sarakham 28km / Total 28km
Finaly we made it, at 11:00 we left our apartment and went to Thana City where we met Markus and Chon. They will drive us some few km outside of Bangkok. But first we had a few Singha's and Markus played us some good music in his studio.
After lunch we left Bangkok and arrived a few km outside Changsoenchaow. We unloaded the bikes and off we went. We did 28Km and it was already dark when we arrived at a small Resort with a few Bungalows.

With Markus and Chon before we left

01.November 2009 Phanom Sarakham to Sa Kaeo 92km / Total 120kmThe first real day on the bike. Easy but with some head wind we did it to Sa Kaeo. En route we met an Italian guy which is on his way from Saigon to Italy. Nearly on the same spot we met a german guy with a nice bicycle on its own on a 4 weeks SEA tour.

The Italien guy on its way to Europe

02. November 2009 Sa Kaeo to Aranyaprathet 54 km / Total 176km
Today was an easy ride. Only 54 km to the Cambiodian Border. We found a nice Guest House with Pool and after a Massage and a Hair Cut, we went to the city centre to celebrate Loi Kratong.

Loi Kratong

03. November 2009 Arayaprathet to Sisophon 52 Km / Total 230km
Easy ride but on the border we lost some time. Then only a few km into Cambodia and the rain started. The whole way to Sisophon we had rain and head wind. Sometimes we did only 12 to 14km/h. In Sisophon we took the first guest house in order to take off our wet clothes.
Thai-Cambodian Border

Cambodian Cadillac

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