Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hong Kong

01 April 2010 / Kunming to Hong Kong / Visa re-newel / 0km / Total 5134km
We arrived around 5 am in the morning in Kunming but stayed (slept) in the bus until 08:30. We loaded off our bicycles and went to the bike shop in Kunming. Once we told the guy from the bicycle shop what kind of maintenance and parts were needed on our bicycles we went for some shopping and later we flew to Shenzen that afternoon. From Shenzen airport we took a bus in order to cross the border and to go to Hong Kong. We finally arrived in our Hostel around midnight very tired from the long journey.


 Arrived in Hong Kong


02 to 07 April 2010 / Hong Kong / Visa re-newel / 0km / Total 5134km
Early in the morning we went to the travel agency ( Japan Travel Agency) in order to renew our Visa for China. In the office we were told, that due to public holidays no Chinese Visa could be requested and processed until Wednesday 7 of April. We were supposed to fly back to Kunming on Saturday. With the help from the Guesthouse staff we changed the Shenzen – Kunming flight for the 8 of April. Most of the time we spent in Hongkong with shopping and sight seeing.
 Hong Kong by night

we even had time to visit Disney Land in HK

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