Monday, September 27, 2010


15. June 2010 / Zhangmu to Dhulikel  / 94 km / Total 7606 km
One of the weirdest days so far. After crossing  the border, the downhill ride continued.
The weather was very nice and hot and we were riding nice and easy. We had some nice Nepal food at a local restaurant and we thought to have an easy ride to Dhulikel. We started our climb at around 15:30 and calculated around 1,5 hour for the 8 km steep long climb. At around 19:00 we were told that we had to go for another 8 km to Dhulikel. We finally made it at around 21:00 already dark to the very nice Hotel. What was an 8km uphill ride was finally a 23km long uphill climb.

Main Highway between Tibet and Nepal

Kids along the way

On the way.....

What the Hell?

Only 105 to go......

Nepali traffic......

On the Way to Kathmandu

16. June 2010 / Dhulikel to Kathmandu  / 34 km / Total 7640 km
After a beautiful breakfast, we left our nice Hotel. Everyone knew we had only 34km easy ride to do and the rest of the day we could spent at the Hotel pool in Kathmandu before we would have our farewell party. The closer we rode to Kathmandu the more traffic and people were on the streets. One last flat tire just before riding into Kathmandu and the trip was over......

We all arrived safe and sound in Kathmadu

Everest beer

Farewell party in Tamel (Kathmandu)

17. June 2010 / Bhaktapur / 0 km / Total 7640 km
Today we visited the several century old famous temples at Bhaktapur. Bhaktapur is listed as a World Heritage by UNESCO for its rich culture, temples, and wood, metal and stone artwork.

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